Introducing you to Unit 2


So it all seems so long ago when we set about the County on our Road Shows to tell you all about the Jamboree… and here we are with the GLNE Jamboree Unit for 2015.

BUT with such a great Group who attended the selection weekend back in October, as a County we also bid for one extra Patrol in a new London-wide unit. We now have an extra 9 young people who will get to experience the Jamboree – ‘Well Done’ to everyone who has been selected!

So far Unit 2 have all been together on two occasions, we had an afternoon in November to help us get to know each other, followed by a question & answer session with the Parents. Then, over the first weekend in March we held our first gathering weekend.

All unit participants were sent a boarding pass and arrived to a check in desk, and airport style security. One of our units managed to pack 20.5kg of luggage for one weekend!!! We’re looking forward to seeing how they manage to pack for three weeks.

The unit were then welcomed aboard Greater London North East Airlines flight 001 (from Thriftwood to Thriftwood via Brentwood at an altitude of 85m) and taken through their inflight briefing (and possibly scarred for life) by flight attendant Karl.

We spent the weekends working in our Patrols, and can already see the unit coming together. But definitely one of the highlights has to be our visit from the Japanese Education Society, not only did they teach us all some Japanese maths (ask any of the unit about multiplying numbers greater than 5!), they also taught us about daily life in Japan, how to say Hello!, how to count to 10 and also the Scout necessity – Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes in Japanese!!! We’re sure this will come in very useful next year.

On top of the 45 young people and 5 unit leaders, GLNE also have 11 members of IST who have all been invited to join any events Unit 2 are running, we did throw them in the deep end slightly at the first gathering weekend by asking them to run activities at short notice, but they did a great job – THANK YOU!!!

There will be various fundraising events taking place over the coming months so look out for quizzes, race nights, Easter egg hunts, paracord bracelets / woggles / key-rings please support where you can. We will shortly have unit badges to sell so keep an eye open.

One way everyone is able to support us is installing - ‘GLNE Jamboree Unit 2015’ onto your computer / laptop. This could mean free money to the unit as websites will donate on your behalf when you spend money with them (up to 5% of the amount you spend).

Please do get in touch with us if you have any questions or would like any more information on anything Jamboree related.

A few bits from the unit members, firstly describing the Jamboree in 3 words:

"Meeting New People" "Everyone United Together" "New Experience Discovered"

"One Big Family" "Where’s the Campfire?" "One Dysfunctional Family"

"Crazy, Random, Insane" "Big Banter-full Camp" "Only One Chance"

"One Amazing Opportunity" "Family, Fun, Epic" "BEST UNIT EVER!"

And some quotes from our book of memories:

"and a very crazy adventure this is set to be! I am scarred by Karl’s costume"

"Captain’s Log - date 09.03.2014 (17 months to arrival)

Eagerly anticipating arrival to Japan, cannot wait for the memories that will be made with the unit.

Captain signing off"

"Had a great weekend! sad it has to finish, it was great to meet everyone, can’t wait to get to know them all better. Bring on Japan!"

"Yo, sick weekend so much to do but so dead (need more sleep). Came up with an idea so all of us from the Jamboree can get noticed by everyone with a funny YouTube vid with us all dancing. Hope we can do this in the future"

"I really enjoyed the weekend, made lots of new friends, it’s nice to break away from our own Districts. The thing I liked the most was picking our own dinner then going out and buying it, can’t wait till the next weekend!"

"Thank you for a great weekend! I loved getting to know everyone better. In the future I think we should do more things as a unit."

"This weekend has been great thank you so much. Looking forward to going to Japan a lot more now, many thanks to the big dysfunctional family!"


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