25th World Scout Jamboree

In Summer 2023, more than 40,000 Scouts from all over the world will gather in Korea for the 25 World Scout Jamboree. We’re so proud that thousands of UK young people aged 14 to 17 and their leaders will be there, we’ll call ourselves the UK Contingent.

Our Contingent are more than just travel buddies, they are planners, fundraisers, motivators and mentors. We’ve got a lot to achieve in a short time but we’ll leap at the challenge as we… Think big. Dream wild. Act Together.

We don’t just dream. We act.

We dream about a sustainable world, where everyone’s welcome. But we’re not just about dreaming, Scouts want to see action too. Our UK Contingent won’t silently creep round global issues, we’ll be trailblazers for getting young voices heard… You’re gonna hear us roar.

We know that dreams come true when we work together.

Apply Now

To apply to become a participant for the 25th World Scout Jamboree to Kore, click the link below and fill out all of the relevant details, we look forward to seeing you.

Information to Note

Deadline: 12th November 2021 23:59

Selection Event: 27th - 28th November 2021

Selection Outcomes: 5th December 2021

First Training Event: 18th December 2021


We will be holding information evenings for Leaders, Parents and Participants to find out more about what the Jamboree has to offer. These information evenings are being held across the County throughout October 2021 so be sure to attend an event convenient for you.

All roadshows will begin at 19:30 and finish by 21:00 and will be held within different London Boroughs. You are not redtricted to the London Borough you live or Scout in, please feel free to attend the one that is most convenient.

14 / 10 / 2021


McGovern Hall, off Wood Lane

Elm Park

RM12 5NH

(opening opposite 93 Wood Lane)

15 / 10 / 2021

Barking & Dagenham

B&D District HQ,

Rear of St Cedds Church,

185 Lodge Avenue


21 / 10 / 2021


Hargreaves Scout Centre

Hainault Road

Little Heath



22 / 10 / 2021



25 / 10 / 2021

Hackney & Tower Hamlets

Roland Philipps Scout Centre

65 Copley Street



E1 3DF

26 / 10 / 2021

Waltham Forest

Michael Mallinson Scout Centre

The Charter Road

Highams Park


Incase you missed our roadshows across October, please see all the information you'll need to know about the 25th World Scout Jamboree in the video below.


What is a Jamboree?

A World Scout Jamboree (WSJ) is a gathering of Scouts and Guides from all over the world for an exciting programme of global development, peace, cultural understanding, adventure, friendship and fun. They are usually held on a 4 yearly cycle and move around the world. To date every continent except Africa and Antarctica has hosted the WSJ.

The Scout Association (TSA) has a long history of sending groups of Scouts, known as a Contingent, to represent the UK at the WSJ. TSA hosted the 21st WSJ at Hylands Park in Essex in 2007 and in 2011 the UK Contingent to the 22nd WSJ in Sweden was the association’s largest ever overseas expedition. A smaller but still substantial Contingent travelled to Japan in 2015 for the 23rd WSJ. The TSA sent the largest UK Contingent to the 24th WSJ in North America in 2019.

Building on this success TSA intends to form a Contingent to attend 25th WSJ to be held in South Korea in 2023.

When & Where?

The 25th World Scout Jamboree will take place in South Korea in 2023. A lot of the details are still to be confirmed but this is what we know so far:

Venue: SaeManGeum Jamboree Site

Dates: 1st August – 12 August 2023 (this is only the Jamboree, there'll be more travelling too)

Theme: Dream Your Jamboree

How much will it cost?

The fees are yet to be confirmed but comprise two elements – the Jamboree fee and the Greater London North East fee.

World Scout Jamboree (WSJ) Fee

  • All flights and transfers during the WSJ Experience in summer 2023, including UK airport transfers from and to an agreed point.

  • WSJ fees.

  • Other elements of the UK Contingent WSJ Experience e.g. hosted hospitality and/or pre/post
    event element (scope and details subject to confirmation)

  • Kit – uniform and selected key personal equipment, unit equipment including camping equipment.

  • All food/meals and accommodation during the WSJ experience in summer 2023

  • Insurance for the duration


  • Unit training and preparation events (4 or 5) including camp fees, food and equipment but participants will be responsible for making their own way to and from events.

  • Unit equipment to take to WSJ – Unit clothing, neckers, etc.

  • Post Jamboree Unit reunion.

Am I eligible to attend?

All young people who are members of Scouting and were born between 22nd July 2005 and 31st July 2009, i.e. will be 14 but not yet 18 on 1st August 2021 when the Jamboree opens, are eligible to apply. This age criteria is the same for members of Girlguiding UK and is strictly non-negotiable as it is laid down by The World Organisation of the Scout Movement and applies worldwide.

How many participants are able to attend from GLNE?

Participants will be formed into Units each formed of 36 young people in 4 patrols of 9. Each patrol will have an adult leader making a total unit strength of 40. Each Unit will have a Unit Leader, a Deputy Unit Leader and two Assistant Unit Leaders.

In GLNE we are fortunate enough to be taking one full Unit and 3/4 of another Unit (the remainder will be taken up by members from Girl Guiding). This means that we will have 63 spaces for participants.

How will I be selected to attend the Jamboree?


The objectives of the selection process are to identify YP who will:

  • Benefit from the opportunity;

  • Be ambassadors for North East London and UK Scouting;

  • Bring something of their experience back to enrich Scouting in North East London on their
    return – i.e. there should be a legacy beyond their own personal experience.

The following will be considered when deciding whether or not a young person is right to attend a WSJ:

    • Interest in world scouting;

    • Ability to work in a team;

    • Commitment to Scouting;

    • Commitment to the jamboree experience including training events;

    • Communication Skills (including listening to instructions)

    • Ability to take responsibility for self;

    • The impact the jamboree experience will have on the YP;

    • With the benefit of Unit training to prepare them will the YP cope with up to 3 weeks away
      including significant travel, time zones, climate, physical and emotional stress, minimum 12 days camping and possibly a home stay element?

What will not be considered:

  • Whilst the chance to attend a WSJ is an honour and a privilege, it is not a reward mechanism – and we will seek to select candidates who will benefit from and use the experience;

  • Academic qualities do not necessarily make a YP right for a WSJ Unit;

  • The County is committed to ensuring that a YP’s financial situation should not be a factor. If appropriate support is available both to assist with fund raising initiatives and potentially with grant funding. The County wishes to ensure that no young person is put off from
    applying on financial grounds;

  • Having a parent who volunteers within Scouting will have no influence in the process, either
    positive or negative. It is the YP and their suitability that will be investigated.

If I have more questions, who should I ask?

We're always happy to answer questions regarding the Jamboree. If you have further queries that aren't answered above please drop us a note on wsj@glne-scouts.org.uk and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.