Chief Scout Award Presentations

We believe that it's important for us to celebrate the achievements of every Young Person who has worked hard to obtain their Chief Scout's Award – the top award for their section.

To make sure that we can celebrate these achievements and send out invitations to Young People (and their parents) someone from their Section team needs to complete the nomination form to tell us who have achieved their Chief Scout's Awards (Acorn, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum & Diamond).


Chief Scout's
Acorn Award


Chief Scout's
Bronze Award


Chief Scout's
Silver Award


Chief Scout's
Gold Award

Explorer / Network 

Chief Scout's Diamond Award
& Chief Scout's Platinum Award

Data Protection

Remember: You are sharing Personal Data (PII) outside of your Group / Unit.

Please make sure that your Group / Unit's Data Policy explains what is happening...

Members of the County Support Team 
  • Will receive the nomination form.
  • In order to facilitate invites, running the event / printing certificates.
  • Will hold data for 12 months where admin. requires / to catch duplicate submissions.
Members from your District Leadership Team 
  • Will know the names / groups of recipients who.  RSVP'd, but didn't collect their award.
  • In order to process the award.
  • Will not hold records afterwards.