2023 World Scout Jamboree
Unit 32:

Everywhere we go, people wanna know...

... who we are?  

Unit 32 is composed of:

27 Scouts & Explorers
from across Greater London North East Scout County (GLNE) 

& 9 Guides & Rangers
from Girlguiding London and South East Region (LaSER). 

... where we've come from?

The Training Camps
Other Meetups
How have we come together?
The 25th World Scout Jamboree

The 26th World Scout Jamboree

With a wide variety of people from a plethora of different backgrounds and scout and guide groups, we have formed new friendships and developed as a team into a united troop, ready to face any challenge that the 25th World Scout Jamboree has waiting for us.  


In November of 2021, the Scouts and Explorers in the unit were selected from over 200 young people who descended on Belchamps Scout Activity Centre in the heart of Essex to spend 2 days doing a wide variety of activities to prove to the leaders what they were made of. After many team building games such as the human knot, blindfolded assault courses and DIY ping pong ball catapults, a wild disco and enough hot chocolate to fill a lake, 27 Scouts and Explorers were chosen to embark on their adventure of a lifetime to the 25th World Scout Jamboree. Another 36 young people were selected to be part of GLNE’s other unit, Unit 31.  


The first and the largest challenge we have faced was the seemingly unattainable £3,800 needed to attend the Jamboree. The challenge seemed impossible at first, but with a lot of work (and support from our families) we have slowly seen how much our hard work has paid off and through the events we have run both individually and as a unit, the money has been rolling in and the challenge has quickly become more and more achievable. 

Most of the fundraising we have done has been either by ourselves or with our friends we have made (or had before) the jamboree started. From car boot sales to cake sales and quizzes to pizza nights we have had to put in a monumental effort to make the money we need in order to attend the Jamboree.  

Check Out Some of our fundraising events!

Unit Fundraisers

As well as running our own events we have run 2 fundraisers as a unit which proved to be a great opportunity for us to get to know each other and learn about everyone's strengths and weaknesses. 

Our first event was held at the Scout hut by Snaresbrook Station where we ventured into the forest surrounding Hollow Ponds to eat our lunch and play the now unit classic “capture the flag”. The actual fundraiser consisted of a cafe style event where we sold cakes, tea, coffee and a variety of other food which went down a treat with the people who attended, there was even an appearance from 2 dinosaurs doing a particularly crazy Jurassic jig! 

The next fundraiser we ran was at the Roland Phillips Scout Centre in Stepney, where we did the same thing as the previous fundraiser. However, we also had a surprise when amidst the chaos of a football game, the London Air Ambulance landed in the middle of our make-shift pitch! After a reasonably successful pop-up cafe, we sat down to make some plans for what we wanted to do in the future and how we could go about doing this. 

The Camps

First Unit Camp (Frifth Grange)

In April of 2022 we came together for the first time at Frith Grange Scout Campsite. We planned and cooked a feast for the unit in ‘test patrols’ so the Leaders could see who worked well together. This included planning the recipes, budgeting, buying the food and then preparing it, making sure to meet the dietary needs of participants. We also had a campfire, decorated Chingu (the UK Contingent mascot) biscuits, made some unit themed crafts, had a campfire and tried bubble tea. 

Second Unit Camp (Frylands Wood)

Our second unit camp was in October 2022 on a very wet and muddy weekend. We made tie dye t-shirts, tackled the assault course and practiced our public transport skills with a trip to Croydon for bowling and McDonalds.  

Third Unit Camp (Fairmead)

Our third unit camp was in March 2023 at Fairmead in Epping Forest. By this time we were in our patrols and as well as cooking Korean food together we had sessions on sexual health and healthy relationships, and a practical first aid session. We also thought about what we’d like to do in Seoul, had a surprise birthday party and watched a Korean film called ‘Miss Granny’. 

Fourth Unit Camp (Thriftwood)

Our final camp was just before the Jamboree was in July 2023 at Thriftwood. We slept in hammocks and prepared for jamboree life with a trip to "Heathrow Terminal 6", celebrated Pride in London and had a chip shop hike.

Other things we have done...

How We Have Come Together?

Over the past year and a half, we have all developed new friendships within our unit. As a collective we have come together to bring light and joy into the unit to make everyone’s jamboree experience amazing. Throughout the time we have known each other, we have had meetups that include a magnitude of team building exercises stemming from putting up tents in the rain to CPR recovery position learning whilst creating the memories that will last forever. 

Everything our leaders have planned for us to enjoy throughout the time leading up to our actual event has made the jamboree opportunity that much memorable. We have created unbreakable bonds, had many unforgettable days, we share many inside jokes and we have created such an amazing and unique unit! 

The 25th World Scout Jamboree  

With only a few months to go, we cannot wait until the Jamboree itself! Come back and read about our experience over the 3 weeks we were in South Korea! 

Follow us on Instagram @thepurrpatrol_25wsj where we post regular updates on what we are getting up to and we may even do a few live streams from South Korea!  

The 26th World Scout Jamboree

Young people born in 2009-2013 get ready for the 26th World Scout Jamboree coming up in 2027! Make sure you do not miss the age boundary. This is such a fantastic opportunity that everyone should look forward to applying for. In 2027, the jamboree will be held in Poland. Begin learning the culture, say ‘Cześć’ (hello in Polish) and get ready for GLNE’s next selection event!